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Unit 301 AD Center Square Building Amang Rodriguez Avenue Corner Evangelist St.

Santolan 1610 Pasig Unit 301 AD Center Square Building Amang Rodriguez Avenue Corner Evangelist St.

Santolan 1610 Pasig Members Church of God International LOOK!

The Members Church of God International celebrates with thanksgiving the Inauguration of two additional facilities inside the Ang Dating Daan Compound in Apalit, Pampanga — the New Administration Building and the MCGI Chapel and Multi-Purpose Hall. #Peculiar People MCGI With God’s help, as the Ang Dating Daan program reaches its 38th year of evangelization on air, it continues to do what the Lord Jesus Christ wills for His servants: To preach and practice love unto all men.

The APOSTLES DID ASK JESUS FOR SIGNS of His coming […] Winnie Ibe May 13 at pm · Let’s expose the lies, ignorance and arrogance of Soriano. The Bible tells us that Jesus is TRUE GOD and TRUE MAN and this is what the Catholic Church teaches.

Manalo and his INC however teaches that Jesus is a man, although he is […] Eli Soriano, the criminal leader of the Ang Dating Daan cult, teaches his followers that masturbation is not a sin and in so doing encourages his followers to masturbate freely.

It is tied to a place of no suffering after death called Limbo, “original sin,” and sprinkling of water on […] Winnie Ibe‎ GETTING TO KNOW THESE FALSE PROPHETS: Manalo at Soriano na mga bulaan propeta ay nasa Bible prophecy.

Let us read; Matthew KJV [11] And many FALSE PROPHETS shall rise, and shall deceive MANY.” How do we know that they are indeed? Here is SORIANO’s blog article and my replies: A True Seeker of Truth is Ever-willing to Leave Ignorance 7/03/2015 bible , Religion 361 Comments Ignorance can […] Winnie Ibe More lies of Soriano exposed! The errors of Soriano concerning our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Kasi po pagbibili po ng dugo sa ibang institution, mahal po, naasa 2,000 pesos.How did he knows the limit of God’s knowledge is he the omniscient one?SORIANO preaches that God is not omniscient or all knowing.He argues that there are things that God does not know because of free will. […] Lawrence Luna ANSWERING ABOUT THE ACCUSATION AGAINST THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ON MODESTY ISSUE Issue: Mr.Eliseo Soriano, the leader of the Members of Church of God International, said in his Ang Dating Daan program that although not all Catholics are immodest, but most of its members are immodest because the Catholic Church didn’t teach all […] Winnie Ibe SORIANO’s attack: The concept of infant baptism to the Roman Catholic Church is a series of false doctrines knotted to form a whole which is that of going to heaven or not.

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