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Seeking a reliable stable relationship with a foreigner is always a risky affair for any native LGBT Tunisian since the expat is very likely to leave after a period of time; most are on professional assignments to Tunisia (from Europe) and must return when they are reassigned or become homesick or lose their job.Even an enduring lover may come and go, for business or personal reasons, with long periods apart when there are temptations to flirt and play which diminishes commitment–another reason why Ari wants to live in Europe with its high density ‘gay cities’ with supportive friendships and communities.He has long range plans to emigrate to Europe–Italy or Belgium–where there are open gay communities.“I want to study there and find a good job and a boyfriend without it being a secret,” he said with a mix of frustration and hope.Outgoing and expressive he does not stay alone long.During our two hour talk his smartphone rang several times from friends at school as well as a couple of messages from his current boyfriend.“I like opera and symphonies as well as pop; some of my peers think I am crazy but I don’t relate completely to this Tunisian culture. Also I want a husband, a monogamous one”, he said with the urgency of a impatient young gay male in the 21st century who is very aware of the bigger world beyond the shores of the Mediterranean.I like European and American culture.” Being gay further alienates him from the vast majority of Tunisians and the Arab world: “I don’t feel Arab. This culture is too small for me.” He plans to move to west Europe to complete his university studies in architecture, a decision that is fortunately supported by his parents. He has miles and years to go to fulfill his dream and keeping the dream alive will take patience and careful planning.

One said the ousted president Ben Ali was privately tolerant of LGBT people as long as they didn’t get involved in politics.Ari is a gregarious gay youth of 20 maturing out of his twink years.Thoughtful, expressive, verbal (4 languages), introspective, narcissistic and gay.All of which fuel an adventurous spirit of discovery and wonder and also ennui with the world around him.Part of his ‘curse’ is being gay and privileged in a ‘third-world’ conservative Muslim country.

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