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From there you can insert it into your post, along with an optional caption.

Here’s how: And now a text view of a post after an image has been added (see the second paragraph).

You will see the code is well commented and has gone through extensive testing.

Tools: You can use any visual website editors such as Dreamviewer, Macaw, Webflow, Bloc, Adobe products etc.

The base theme makes sure everything works out of the box and all you need to is activate the theme.

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Before HTML5 there was no standard way of playing audio on a web page. There are other ways to include audio in your site.

All files are automagically referenced and in addition text as well as images are editable for your convenience.

Same site and content - just as an editable Wordpress version.

Though it’s not a good idea to add music to your site just for the sake of it, there are some good and valid reasons to include audio in your website.

Here are a few: You may not realise this, but Word Press is capable of handling audio files by default.

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