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It's such a gamble that everybody takes when you agree to do something.

And sometimes you make a decision because you need to pay your rent, sometimes you make decisions because people are talking to you about "international value," and to do a movie that would do well internationally, even though it's not the right creative choice for you because if you can do that, then maybe you can do that small character piece that you really want to do.

It's so easy to be a Monday morning quarterback and say, "Oh, that was a bad idea." The thing is-you give up so much control.

You do your job while you're shooting, and then that's it.

Beals appeared in several notable films including Devil in a Blue Dress (1995), The Last Days of Disco (1998), Roger Dodger (2002), The Book of Eli (2010) and Before I Fall (2017).

She was picked out of over 100 young girls auditioning for the part.

She came out to LA in the summer of 1994 for Pilot Season, living in the Oakwood Apartments in Burbank.

I'm not in the editing room, I'm not sitting there with the director, and I'm not sitting with the producers.

I don't have any of that capacity, but I'm hoping to produce my own things so I will have that capacity.

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