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Her video "How To Avoid Talking To People You Don't Want To Talk To" was featured in articles by The New York Times and ABC News in August 2011.In the video, she stated, "I'm sick and tired of guys thinking that just because I showed up at a club or a dance or a bar, that I want to have their genitalia touching my backside"; The pseudonym "Jenna Marbles" comes from her mother's complaint that "Mourey", their legal surname, pulled up only Jenna's videos on Google.She was the first ever You Tube star to be immortalized at Madame Tussauds New York and her figure is the first selfie-taking wax figure at this location.Marbles has also professionalized her business affairs by expanding her business and bringing in people to help, including, a personal assistant, a business manager, and her mother (the chief executive officer).Jenna's mother was unemployed at the time that Jenna's first video went viral, and was concerned that their content might put off potential employers.She played a banana in The Annoying Orange episode "Fake n' Bacon".Max attended Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.After graduating, he worked at a real estate company, at which time he met Jenna.

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Prior to starting her career, she worked as bartender, blogger, at tanning salon and nightclub dancer to pay her rent of 0.He was close with his large extended family, especially both of his grandmothers.As a kid, Max liked sports, comic books, and theater and he also participated in theater camps and wrestling in high school and later in college.In the summer of 2010, Marbles was sharing a three-bedroom apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts.She paid 0 rent by working various jobs, like bartending, working at a tanning salon, blogging, and go-go dancing at nightclubs.

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