Who does katniss end up dating

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All the tributes wear something that represents their district's industry.Coming from District 12, Katniss and Peeta expect to be dressed in mining costumes.In addition, Collins researched the subject using a large stack of wilderness survival guidebooks.Katniss and the other tributes are, in their time before participating in their Hunger Games, compelled to compete for the hearts of sponsors who donate money that can be used to buy vital supplies for them when they are in the arena.

During the train ride, Katniss tries to separate from Peeta, knowing she has to kill him in the arena.

Katniss felt dizzy when she inhaled the smell of baking bread.

Then, she had the idea of looking for something, anything, in the trashcans of the wealthier people in District 12.

The concept of how the audiences carry nearly as much force as actual characters is based on how, in reality television and in the Roman games, the audience can both "respond with great enthusiasm or play a role in your elimination," as Collins said.

The root of this plant can be eaten, as Katniss does in the book.

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