What is the cycle of dating abuse

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The intention is to, in a systematic way, target the victim’s mental equilibrium, self confidence, and self esteem so that they are no longer able to function in an independent way.

Gaslighting involves the abuser to frequently and systematically withhold factual information from the victim, and replacing it with false information.

When Paula mentions hearing footsteps coming from the attic, and seeing the lights dimming for no apparent reason, he tells her it’s all in her imagination, and that he does not see any change in the brightness of the lights.

He does not stop there; he resorts to other means of deception to further confuse his wife.

Abuse is rarely constant but alternates between: tension building, acting out, the honeymoon period and calm.

Not all relationships follow the same cycle, and individual experiences vary, some stages - especially the honeymoon or calm periods, may shorten or be left out completely, especially as the abuse intensifies over a period of time.

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Most abusive relationships display a distinct pattern, known as the Cycle of Abuse or Violence.While in Italy, she meets a charismatic older man named Gregory Anton (played by Charles Boyer), they have a whirl-wind romance and very soon she marries him.He persuades her that they should return to London to live in the house bequeathed to her by her aunt.Unable to trust their own judgments, they start to question the reality of everything in their life.They begin to find themselves second-guessing themselves, and this makes them become very insecure around their decision making, even around the smallest of choices.

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