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The city was built during 50s and one of the most remarkable parts of the project is undoubtedly the arborization and lots of urban parks.- General Photography: Brazil | One photo per post - Urban Showcase: FAAN's Chile Trip | October Days in So Paulo (NEW!I believe this has made a tremendous difference in the lives of its inhabitants, as the trees suck up pollution and spit out oxygen, moderate the climate, increase the beauty of the streets, and provide a habitat for animals.

how awesome would it have been if those two streams had been left there by a person with foresight and incorporated into the city, with beautiful little bridges going over them...... I thought it would be good to put these two together. This one confuses me because to me it doesnt even look like Auckland, but the caption said it was,.... If you look at the two ships in the foreground and find the two flags on top of them, then look at the building directly behind, but just underneath, the flags. Here is the just completed Civic theatre....circa 1920 This one is kinda cool. Princes street is the big fat one in the middle and you can see the large long tunnel the The Carlaw park stadium people want to open up that goes from Victoria street, right through the park, right under the waterloo Quadrant/Symonds street/Anzac Ave intersection and comes out on the side of constitution hill where that little park is. They're from the website he has some great photo's through the years.It had a bit of a bad reputation in North America, so I was expecting a mess of all concrete with no trees.I was quite shocked to see big trees everywhere, on nearly every street outside of the old historic centre, and a fair amount wherever space permitted in the centro.I cant post the photos because theyre copyrighted, but Im pretty sure. There was a beautiful old Baroque style building that has obviously been knoked down to make way for the downtown shopping centre. There was a guy who took his camera every day and filmed them building it - which turned out to be priceless footage of early Auckland. One city that surprised me tremendously, was Mexico City.

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