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You won't be selecting every dialogue choice during your character's involvement with the game’s world, but you will be occasionally prompted to guide your hero or heroine along different paths, and depending on your prior actions these could result in good or ill.Dating simulation games demand extensive experimentation, trial and error.has been dominating the mobile dating sim scene for years in Japan, Singapore, and now more recently the U. In fact this past September, Voltage’s romance sims made up almost half of Apple’s twenty top grossing i Phone entertainment apps in Singapore.And since establishing their San Francisco branch back in 2012, they’re slowly but surely climbing up the charts here too.“At Voltage, all content is produced under the theme of ‘Drama on Love and Challenge,'” the company’s fact sheet reads.“We define ‘Love’ not only as a relationship between man and woman, but also as affection for family and friendship.

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With 26 million users worldwide playing their sixty (and counting) romance apps, Voltage Inc.It’s not like it actually happens and I’m not sure what I’d do if it happened to me in real life, but fantasizing about it is really fun and romantic—even if it might be a bit embarrassing to admit it!” The most evident cultural difference between Voltage’s Japanese and American audiences, however, proved to be more aesthetic in nature.After releasing both localized versions of their Japanese apps, as well as some U. originals, Voltage become the 6th highest-grossing app developers on Google Play (though that ranking is from a category separate to other games.) Voltage’s target audience is unique in the sense that, unlike other dating sim apps, they focus on casual users rather than hardcore fans of the genre.Really, their target audience is just any woman who owns a phone and enjoys romance.

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