Updating time zones fatal error Z xnxx chat

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This morning I noticed that the clock in Windows 10’s taskbar was showing incorrect time.At first, I thought the incorrect time is because of changed time zone but later on found that the time zone settings were also perfect.

I had exactly the same when traveling from Moscow to Munich this week (series 2, watch OS 3.2.3).After reading this thread and not finding an answer as I also followed the steps, I decided to "Power Off" the watch and turn it back on. The watch will not reflect the time-zone change until you manually turn "airplane mode" off on the watch too (swipe up to the control center, and tap the airplane mode icon).So, before rebooting, check the airplane mode setting on the watch.Digital watch faces did not update but the analog did.Re-booting the watch solved the problem, but this is clearly a bug.

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