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Rated 4.69/5 based on 729 customer reviews J Just realised mini-Jupiter is shaking.

That was an error, mini-Jupiter shouldn't be doing that.

i never thought i could get so anxious and stressed watching a minecraft youtube vid until @Mr Muselk's recent release.

i loved it but also please never do that again 😰😱😭 r.i.p.

i just watched detective pikachu again and had to post this! ⚡ @Bazza Gazza @Loserfruit @crayator @Mr Muselk @marcus_ @Lazar Beam YT S50t4x TQ4 I've only played Minecraft for about a week but I've come to love and enjoy all these MC streams/vids we're getting so much more than I ever thought I would.

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Planets occupy a huge area in our sky so the overall image is fixed by multiple paths, leaving a fuzzy but intact planet!

Why stars twinkle & planets don't (much) Stars appear as pinpoints in our sky: their tiny beams are easily distorted by refraction from atmospheric irregularities. They make a fake star in the sky with a big laser in order to characterize what the atmosphere is doing. It has a drawback though in that it siphons some of the light away, making your target look dimmer (there is always a trade off! In practice, when our team observes (e.g.) Jupiter, we can't easily do this kind of correction, because Jupiter moves fast relative to the stars, and it's so big that it takes up a lot of the field of view Re compensation, there is this telescope called “The Starshade” that will help to block the parent star’s light, so that the other waves will not diffract. Did not know about sending beams for a similar reason!

Planets occupy large sky areas: they remain fuzzy but intact as their overall image is repaired by multiple beams 🔭 US9SS0nq To my knowledge, this twinkling behaviour is compensated by shooting sodium ions in the mesosphere by lasers to take as a reference point and used to correct optical abberations with a continuous feedback signal to adapt the curvature of adjustable mirror.

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Recently, I had a client come in with a Windows 10 PC that had live tiles that were not updating.

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