Twin dating website

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After a lunch meeting at Kirkland House, Zuckerberg agreed to help—most likely more intrigued by the chance to hang out with two Olympic-level athletes with enviable social pedigrees than by their computer code—but then began to blow them off, mostly via email.At the same time, Zuckerberg went back to his friend Saverin with a proposal: He had an idea for a website where people would put their own profiles up to connect with one another—and nobody would end up getting expelled from school.Called the Harvard Connection—and later renamed Connect U—their project was a dating website/social network aimed at connecting students through shared interests.

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But now, 10 years later, that dynamic has suddenly reversed.

Zuckerberg, his best friend, decided on a much more inventive strategy.

Hacking his way to photos of female classmates across campus, he created a website called Facemash where students could vote on which classmate was “hotter.” When the link he sent to a few friends leaked all over the school, it nearly crashed the network—and led to Zuckerberg being pulled in front of the administrative board and almost getting expelled. When Zuckerberg’s troubles (his very first scandal, it could be argued) were written up in the , he caught the attention of Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, who happened to be working on their own website with their roommate Divya Narendra in their dorm room in Pforzheimer House on the Quad.

All Saverin needed to do was put up some money, and Zuckerberg would do the rest.

A few weeks later, behind the Winklevoss twins’ backs, Zuckerberg launched The, and the rest was history.

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