Thomas jane dating

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Jane admitted to Lisbon that he spent time in a locked facility in the episode, Red Brick and Ivy.

In the 100th episode Red Dawn, it was revealed that Jane was in the asylum for six months.

Alex had a wedding ring on his hand, but Jane's mother was not mentioned in any flashbacks, so it is likely that she died or abandoned them.

While working at the carnival, Patrick met his wife-to-be Angela Ruskin, whose family was part of the same carnival.

Patrick recovered his self-respect when he saw that the mentalist skills that had resulted in the death of his family could be used for good.

Despite his lack of boundaries and disregard for protocol, he is valued because his tricks, ruses and mind games close cases.

His motivation in joining the CBI is to find and kill Red John.

After two years in hiding, he was recruited to the FBI as a consultant. In the episode Byzantium, the birth date on his driver's license is given as July 30, 1969.

In the series finale, White Orchids, the birth date given on his marriage license is September 16, 1974.

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