Sober dating ideas sarah ferguson princess beatrice dating

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The one guarantee was that there was always alcohol present, even if that just meant that I was sitting in my apartment while drinking alone and listening to Leonard Cohen.

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Either way, one can never go wrong with volunteering.

Sober dinner parties are a great way to fill your home with love, or take over a section of your favorite restaurant if you’re not set up to entertain (or you just don’t want to do the dishes).

You can also include your significant other if you have one.

If you’ve been granted time off from work and can afford long distance travel, you can even schedule a longer getaway to somewhere exotic. Why not grab a group of pals (or a significant other) and sign on to be of service for the day?

If, however, you only have a couple of days (or even a day), why not choose a desirable location close by, hop in the car, and go on a little sightseeing adventure? Being of service is probably one of the very best ways to get out of your own head, particularly if you’re someone who happens to be feeling low about your relationship status.

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