Sedating a toddler while sick 100 percent respectable dating sites

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In fact, some children may prefer not to be sedated.Depending on what's best for your child, the decision of whether or not to use sedation beforehand is made by the anesthesiologist, using your input.

The mask delivers medicine to make kids sleepy and help them relax before and during the surgery.

After recovering from the anesthetic, your child will be evaluated to make sure he or she is ready for discharge from the recovery room.

For many outpatient procedures, kids are allowed to come home soon after the surgery.

If general anesthesia is used, the anesthesiologist will start transitioning your child from the normal awake state to the sleepy state of anesthesia.

This is referred to as induction, which is usually done by either injecting medicine through an IV or by inhaling gases through a mask.

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