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They cannot be continued across multiple physical lines; to have one logical comment span multiple lines, each line must use the // pair.For example: 9 configuration consists of statements and comments. Statements and comments are the only elements that can appear without enclosing braces.The server can supply extensive debugging information when it is in debugging mode.If the server's global debug level is greater than zero, then debugging mode will be active.The option, no more data will be written to the log until some out-of-band mechanism removes or truncates the log to less than the maximum size.The default behavior is not to limit the size of the file.It gets its name from a primary use of address match lists: Access Control Lists (ACLs).Note that an address match list's name must be defined with statement facilitates the administration of configuration files by permitting the reading or writing of some things but not others.

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However, since there is no standard mapping for such names and identifier values, currently only interface names as link identifiers are supported, assuming one-to-one mapping between interfaces and links.

Nonetheless, the term "address match list" is still used throughout the documentation.

When a given IP address or prefix is compared to an address match list, the comparison takes place in approximately O(1) time.

Elements can be negated with a leading exclamation mark (`!

'), and the match list names "any", "none", "localhost", and "localnets" are predefined.

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