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Browse our free online dating ads according to region.For each of these adverts, Ksh10 (

I would not give any of these women the time of day if I were to meet them on the street.

Most of the people who have money understand that it doesn’t just fall from the sky.

Basically, it is a website that pays you to view adverts…

(basically anything but clear face shots) but that's perfectly fine. It's not a matter of a few slipping through the cracks either.

You want to get strict about your photo policies, that's fine, but I'm pretty sure only applying it to women is discrimination. Oh and here's some advice - if you want to weed out men that aren't serious or even literate (setting these parameters might leave you with a dozen or so males to choose from on the entire site) - filter your mail so they have to write 300 characters minimum for the message to go through at all.

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