Problems updating flash player chrome

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Exit the browser, then reopen it and try to load the page again.

If this solution doesn’t work, try this next solution.

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It’s likely that the current website that is having the Flash Player not working issue doesn’t allow flash in your browser.

So you should allow flash player running in your current website.

Sometimes corrupt files on a Windows 10 computer can cause errors in plugins. To delete Pepper Flash, first exit out of your browser.2.

You’re working online using Google Chrome, when suddenly a page that you need pops up an error message saying the (Flash) plugin cannot be loaded. When Flash is not working correctly, there are a bunch of problems you can encounter.

⦁ displays "Disabled" as the version, "Edge" as the browser name, and "Windows 10" as the operating system.

In IE11, the version shows as "Disabled or not installed". After many hours on the phone with Dell's support staff, it was decided that a Windows reset followed by a re-install of all applications was required to fix the problem.

If you still need Flash to run, give the three tricks listed above a chance.

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