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I am super picky and not always seeing someone, but when I am, I like to see them once a week.

In the past I have spent the night at a boyfriend's house, but Ben has not spent the night anywhere.

He brought up the idea of him being comfortable with me casually dating other people early on in our relationship.

We shared a big laugh when we realized just how weird/unusual it is for a husband to comfort his wife about her breakup with a boyfriend.

Ben hasn't fallen in love with anyone (he is a private person, and the women he is dating are not looking for serious relationships).

I dated someone for over a year, and the consistency (and depth) was really nice.

Ben was fully supportive — in fact, he prefers when I date someone longer term, because he trusts that I'm safe (dating new people can feel scary — you never know who might be a creep! He has been seeing two women for about eight months, and again I am surprised by how normal it feels.

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