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It's, currently the only GUI available for mpv, outside the OSC, which is currently broken.

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Update: on , at end of the page, we can read "source code for AACGain is hosted in the sourceforge cvs repository as part of the mp3gain project, in the aacgain module The EULA at https:// states that "If you choose to distribute the Software, you do so with the understanding that you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Adobe against any losses, damages, or costs arising from any claims, lawsuits, or other legal actions arising out of such distribution, including, without limitation, product liability and other claims by consumers and your failure to comply with this Section 3" which may not be acceptable by RPMFusion (see java-1.6.0-sun below). It´s easier for users to set up a repo to stay up to date, than searching for a package on the web/forum etc. Why not in Fedora: Baloo can be linked against FFMPEG, and, if built that way, can index more information about audio and video files.Docky helps Do become more directly involved with your desktop by providing a persistent mouse based Dock interface while remaining true to Do's keyboard only interaction.Summary: Java FX is a competitor to Flash and Silverlight entirely based on Flash.Why not in Fedora: the source code is distributed under GPL, but the software can also be bought for technical support.It was a long time ago in Fedora, but it's orphaned right now, perhaps due to possible encumbered elements within the package.

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