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I know it’s tempting to give your whole life story on your dating profile.You want everyone to understand who you are and where you come from — but you need to rein it in.She used to tell us, “Never admit your presentation isn’t any good. '” By staying positive, we felt better about our work and got better grades as well. Even if creating a dating profile makes you nervous, you should try to come off as confident as possible. Confidence is attractive; apologizing because you don’t know how to write a profile is, well, not.

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Your dates don’t need to know you won a spelling bee in third grade.At least then your date prospects will understand what you’re trying to say.Dating profiles with vague lists and generic language are just plain lazy.We’ve written an in-depth article about how to have the best online dating photos if you’re interested in learning more. Spoiler alert: murder jokes aren’t going to win you many points.My sixth-grade English teacher would dock points from students who said anything negative about his or her work.

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