Municipalities enabling and validating act

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In France, Italy, and a number of other countries, the progressive forces have made significant gains in municipal elections and occupy strong positions in many municipalities, holding either the mayoralty or a majority of seats in the council.without payment," it said "It intends to terminate the provision of primary and secondary maintenance nationwide from January 1, 2015 and, as regards the supply of spare parts, they will not be sent without advance payment of any debts and prepayment for new services.The Committee Chair is selected by the Board Chair, in consultation with the Board Vice-Chair and the Chair of the Governance Committee.The Committee Chair is responsible for the better conduct of meetings, including agendas, information processes, and oversight of reporting and action items.The Committee will receive additional and reasonable support (through the Board Secretariat) for the assembly, assessment and reporting of information, including, with the approval of the Board Chair, access to independent counsel, subject to reasonable limits on resources available to the Board of Governors for these matters.The Property Committee meets prior to each regularly scheduled Board of Governors meeting and in addition may meet at the call of the Chair as required.

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The working class and the Communist parties in the bourgeois countries wage a continuous struggle to win a majority in the municipalities, to expand their socially useful services, and to make them more attentive to the interests of the working people.

They supervise public schools, sanitation services, and the local police, and in a number of countries they administer various institutions providing medical and social welfare services. During the period of imperialism, especially under the conditions of state-monopoly capitalism, the municipalities as the bodies of local bourgeois self-government have gradually lost their independence in local affairs and are becoming agencies of the central state administration.

Their activity is regulated and controlled by the machinery of state.

As a rule, municipalities consist of an executive bureaucracy and an elected council headed by a mayor or burgomaster.

Municipalities may own community enterprises, housing, and other properties.

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