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As a student I worked in the college cafeteria manning the "mexican food" booth and ladling out salsa to students getting burritos and taco salads. Not being the default means that most people will not choose you, but not everyone wants the default. You have it down to a fault..the thing is that I don't date black guys.It was always obvious who the born and raised midwesterners were, because they reacted to my offer of salsa like vampires to sunlight. Having a granny from Kentucky who likes to say the n_word , or the black section kinda throws that whole line of thinking off.I thought California was the best place for Asian men to date because there are many of them there. I am Asian man and it is difficult in Kansas over here as well because it is the norm here for a white girl to date a white guy. My chances with white women are few and far in between. I'm not one to deny that race makes an important difference in dating, but what makes you think it's your race and not a difference in gender balance?Dating as a man is harder in Chicago than NYC (as one East Coast example) by everything I've heard (disclaimer: I haven't experienced it).I'm a Korean guy currently in the middle of Wisconsin and I get what you're saying.Dating here, or lack thereof, is very different than when I lived in Seattle and the Bay Area.I'm a white nerd of no particular accomplishments or physique, and I do much better on the west coast. Are you literally referring to the entire eastern coast of US?Or are you referring to a specific city in the Eastern coast of the US.

In Minnesota, at least, we're infamous for being hard to get to know, and it bleeds over to dating as well.

I get the feeling people mingle less outside their comfort zone in the Midwest overall.

Take a look at Chicago and Milwaukee's diversity levels (#1 and #3 most segregated at neighborhood levels). I lived in Houston for years and never had a weekend where I couldn't get two dates. Now I live in a town a tenth that size and it's so hard to get away with being such a fat idiot.

There are lots and lots and lots of people out there.

Many will reject you, but you know, many people are culturally conservative and conformist and fear anything different.

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