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I am particularly fond of buying capri style pants of my favorite brands, which fit me just fine as full-length pants.7. Our arms and legs may be shorter, but many little people are extremely muscular.I can do a headstand, shovel snow and perform almost any activity that an average-sized person does. We are not “cute.”We may be child-sized, but we are adults and deserve to be treated as such.Rather than assuming the behavior is compensating for a short height, call it what it is: A confident and independent little person standing up for themselves.10. Although walking alongside or kissing an average-sized person may be challenging sometimes, I have dated men over six feet tall without any difficulty.In fact my husband is over a foot taller than I am!For these drivers, quarter midget racing is the equivalent of club soccer, ballet, gymnastics and other organized activities their other friends do — but with an internal combustion engine added to the mix.Zain Inskeep, 5, is comforted by his mother, Elizabeth Prieto, and David Byrd after he was penalized for breaking a racing rule.Like other extracurricular activities, quarter midget racing teaches young kids the thrill of competition, the importance of teamwork and, inevitably, how to handle the sting of losing. Scaled-down versions of more powerful midget race cars, quarter midget cars can reach speeds of up to 45 mph, yet often are driven by kids still years away from a learner’s permit.

In college I could out-drink most of my average-sized male friends.5. Of course just like anyone else, there are times that we would like your help.

Today I hold two Master’s degrees and teach French at the college level.2. If I had a dime for every time I have been asked if I am able to drive, I could buy a tank of gas!

I personally favor small cars with large back windows for visibility — I've had several Volkswagen Jettas and currently drive a Mazda 3 Hatchback, for instance.

Byrd has taken Zain under his wing, teaching him the finer points of car racing.

While secondhand quarter midget cars can be had for as little as ,000, a new, high-tech and more competitive ride can easily top five figures.

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    "Pero it's all fun and games naman," Jay-R points out. It's all about having fun and not to embarrass the bachelor." Complementing the show's unique concept is the state-of-the-art studio with its sophisticated lighting effects and equipment—a vital element to keep the Philippine version in step with its foreign counterparts aired in the Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Indonesia, Spain and Sweden.