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Domestic violence may also involve emotional abuse, such as economic abuse or threatening a family member or householder with serious bodily harm.

Charges of domestic abuse are taken seriously in Texas.

The consequences of domestic violence in Texas are frequently severe.

According to Stop Abusive Violence Environments (SAVE), one in 10 people is falsely accused of sexual assault, domestic violence, or child abuse.

Domestic assault involves “intentionally,” “knowingly,” or “recklessly:” The offender is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor in Texas if he or she has no previous domestic assault convictions.

However, if he or she has prior convictions, third-degree felony punishments may apply. You need deep criminal defense experience to prevail.

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An action of domestic violence may involve either physical violence, such as kicking, hitting, punching, spousal rape, or the abuse of a child.

For instance, pushing a date out of the way in a concert crowd to get through may be considered assault if he or she falls and sustains any injury.

“Provocative” or “offensive contact” relates to an action that doesn’t result in physical pain or injury.

It’s not uncommon for an innocent person to be falsely accused of a domestic violence action in a child custody fight or during a contentious divorce battle.

In either scenario, you must hire a knowledgeable Houston criminal defense attorney to vigorously defend your rights.

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