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Met by the slow economy of the early 1990’s, Daljit persevered with odd jobs in construction, which would prove to be the foundation in which he built his property development company.

Three years later, in 1996, he developed his first property and has never looked back.

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is the name of a massively popular radio hit by the flash-in-the-pan group Baha Men.

In contrast, seniors of East Indian origin are more likely than other seniors to live with members of their extended family.

In 2001, 24% of seniors of East Indian origin lived with relatives, such as the family of a son or daughter, while only 5% of all seniors in Canada lived with relatives.

The Siddoos are the heart of the story, but their history tells a larger tale of an immigrant community’s triumphs and tribulations and the strong connections that Indo-Canadians continue to forge with their homeland.

Each and every member of our dedicated staff brings a world of knowledge along with a thorough understanding of the Vancouver real estate industry.

The journey of the Afghani Fazili family begins in Tajikistan, where a long wait has resulted in the rejection of their asylum claim.

Over the next several years, Hassan Fazili uses cell phones to film his family’s journey back to Afghanistan, and then through Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Serbia.

Canadian adults of East Indian origin are much less likely than other adults to live alone.

In 2001, just 4% of the East Indian community aged 15 and over lived alone, compared with 13% of all adult Canadians.

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