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We don’t feel like going and spending 0,000 on a wedding as the most responsible thing do right now.We feel like we’re already married, we don’t feel like having a certificate that says we’re married is gonna show that we love or committed any more to each other. Now if I win the lottery tomorrow or I just have stupid money bleeding out of you know, the backyard on trees, then I might go ‘Ok let’s throw a big wedding.’”Slade then explains that he has had a job this whole time but he couldn’t share it because of privacy issues!I wasn’t there to try and call Tamra out or try and call Eddie out. And quite frankly, whatever their deal is, is between them.And I, it’s like, if I wanted really to out that, I could have done that a long time ago.He claims, “My company is a privacy company, and we do some things with the DOD and the DOJ…It’s something that obviously we didn’t talk about a lot. Um, and on the show, you know, their whole story is, ‘oh, he doesn’t have a job.

Slade’s financial woes, including not paying the child support that he owes for his son, have been a hot topic among the RHOC ladies.

If Gretchen hadn’t scored him, Slade was in danger of running out of Housewives to When Gretchen proposed to Slade with the Bravo cameras rolling, it was both a cringe-worthy over-the-top stunt, and a desperate bid for Gretchen to keep her Housewife position.

Gretchen had her man flown in by helicopter to the top of AT&T building, where Gretchen popped the question.

And so it’s something that we got so frustrated about because, you know, if the network ever paid Slade for an appearance, the money would go directly to Grayson’s [Slade’s son with brain cancer], uh, charity, and they knew it, because we we’ve had them pay the foundation and they would still allow the women to say he’s a deadbeat dad, doesn’t take care of his son.

So it’s stuff like that that was really difficult on us, and it’s part of the reason that we honestly left, because they just manipulated our reality so poorly…I literally catch him [Slade] in the bathroom in the middle of the night bawling his eyes out because of the situation with his son, and I see how actively involved he is with his son and, and the issues that he’s going through and you have people literally in, in 144 countries watching this show that are going, ‘you’re a deadbeat piece of shit dad,’ it’s horrific.”You can listen/watch their whole interview on The Tomorrow Show.

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