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He might like a girl who doesn't mind if comments like that are made.

I had a gf once who loved checking out and talking about hot women and it was something that we had in common. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if a guy is interested in a girl..

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None of the mature, adult guys that have ever been into me or that I've ever dated have talked about other women to me or within earshot.

Exactly--mature, adult guys don't feel the need to play games like this.

Y dentro de toda esta preparación es también importante que sea desde el mismo núcleo de la planificación, el equipo que se encargue de la colocación o instalación ya que se puede trabajar de una manera mucho más ordenada y orientada al paso a paso.

He might want to give you the impression that he has other options and isn't desparate.Also, he wouldn't ever mention other 'hot girls.' Right?I agree, unless he thinks that making her jealous is the way to her heart (I avoid guys who do this but that may be a motivation for some).If a guy is into me and he lets me know, I'm excited about it if I'm into him too.It just weirds me out if he talks about other girls as a way of trying to gauge my interested or something.

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