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In the 1969 Oscar-winning film , the famous outlaws are shown escaping America to a decrepit village in Bolivia.

According to the movie version, they died side by side, guns blazing, in the crosshairs of half a Bolivian regiment.

It’s a great Hollywood ending that happens to be true, mostly: they left America… What Hollywood didn’t know is that Butch and Sundance escaped.

For six years they managed to elude the most powerful detectives on the planet and outrun their past across the wilds of South America.

Sympathetic and charismatic, able to vanish overnight into raw wilderness, they executed their heists with such audacity, it was as if they were toying with the banks and powerful corporations they robbed.She was the one who made this frontier house sparkle, the social one, the music teacher who spoke Spanish well, whose elegant presence remade the lives of three criminal fugitives into something whole and wholesome-looking. The governor himself stayed overnight as a guest of Place and Ryan. Many other names, in fact; the men put on aliases the way other people put on coats.Despite having her face on WANTED posters all over the globe, she took a turn around the cabin floor with Dr. In Argentina, they hoped to conceal forever the names history would remember them by: Butch and Sundance.Tonight it was the Brazilian samba, plus a new style that was just emerging in Argentina, the melancholy tango.Somewhere in the party, mingling with ease and leading the festivities—because this was their house, their life—were three people, each with a ,000 bounty on their head.

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