Fake dee ryo interoffice dating

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YAOI Dx Leon AUKyouya’s fine with being Tamaki's BFF.

When Randy Mc Lean joins the NYPD'S 27th Precinct, he is paired up with the department troublemaker, Dee Laytner.When Sasuke tries a certain technique to get the Hyuuga over him, it does just the opposite, Uchiha headoverheels. But wait..does this Romeo seem more interested in his Mercutio than his Juliet? Meanwhile, Kira has been plagued by strange dreams that made him question his own sexuality. At the very end of the earth, Neji discovers that allowing himself no sexual activity for ten years has its consequences, and Sasuke has a strange obsession with the red liquid copper Neji's body creates, a liquid that keeps us all alive. Now that he’s in the limelight, he’s not entirely sure where his heart lies. When Ban comes down with the flu, Ginji finds himself struggling to complete their latest assignment on his own. ONESHOT Sasu Neji Ryoma finds a sketch book filled with beautiful drawings, yet something seems to be missing, and the question on everyone's mind is: who does the book belong to? High school AU, Rikux Sora, Rikux Roxas, and eventual Aku Roku. After moving to Japan to live with his cousin Naruto, Gaara transfers to Naruto's high school. Enjoy AU Had the Earl said Noah before the Black Order said Exorcist, Allen Walker's script would have been different. Russia/America What if Vincent Valentine was never a Turk, but a SOLDIER? Now, 6 years later, he's at an elite Hip Hop academy seeking to become an official performer, but he's greeted with a surprise. AU Neji Sasu When L and Light stumble across Lx Light yaoi fics, are their opinions of each other going to change? Rating M, and not just to be safe 'cause it's yaoi. though some may not know of the existance of said mask. A demon has escaped from Hell and now he's after Horohoro. [Leonx Riku Sorax Riku]The bizarre death of a prominent romance novelist entraps Leon -- in more ways than one. Kanda Allen Tiki Lavi Rhode Linali Cross Komui and Komui Reever Hints of Tiki Allen Lulubell OCIt is actually a certain attraction that my boss would like to attend.” Ivan settled onto the edge of the desk and paused before pulling his metal pipe from his jacket and placing it on the wood with a clank. This wasn’t the way the great ‘Hero’ of the Cold War was supposed to die, tied up with a crazy Russki pointing a gun at him. And what if it was not Lucrecia who saved Vincent from the mess Hojo made him, but Sephiroth? Leon and D are in for some interesting revelations about themselves as an old enemy rises from a forgotten past. Ren tries to protect him, but to fight a fullblooded demon, he'll have to become more than just a mere human. As our favorite Detective falls dangerously deeper into the abyss of dreams and delusions, would the Count be able to save him before it's too late?

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