Ex girlfriend dating new guy whos dating kellie pickler

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It’s natural to want to be the first one to prove you’ve moved on after a breakup. Truth be told, you can’t make yourself heal faster or slower.

Your pace will be your pace and essentially you’re stuck with it.

No doubt it’s tough to move on from any relationship, particularly if you are the one that still longs for your partner.

His reasons really don’t matter and it’s not for you to read between the lines.You deserve to be first, because second place just sucks. You will gain nothing if you head to the places you used to hang out with your ex and find him with his new love there. For sure the Internet has made it much harder to get over someone because it’s just too easy to follow your ex.All that’s going to do is get you upset and put a visual in your brain. All of a sudden if you are following their social media accounts, you might see a happy pic of your ex with his new girl and that’s not productive, it’s only going to hurt you.It’s important to keep the door shut and to help with this, you should be thinking of the flaws your ex has.Don’t forget, there are reasons you and your ex broke up.

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