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Right-click on Features and click "add features" Drill down under Message Queuing and under Message Queuing Services.

You should see a checkbox for Directory Service Integration. Usually you have to reboot the server for it to show the change.

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I ran into some problems, no matter how much I installed or uninstalled MSMQ or restarted, I still wasn't able to use the queue.

So I wanted to post some links here When it gets to a part about "To work around this problem, use the Active Directory Users and Computer Microsoft Management Console (MMC)...". How to delete from active directory stale computer objects" is the part you are interested in.

Use Reporting Services Configuration Manager to verify the report server configuration and SQL Server management tools to verify the compatibility level.————————— OK —————————Then I looked into the setup log to see what they have to say and found below. (08) 2015-09-18 Slp: Evaluating rule : RS_Valid DSN (08) 2015-09-18 Slp: Rule running on machine: SQL16NODEB (08) 2015-09-18 Slp: Rule evaluation done : Failed (08) 2015-09-18 Slp: Rule evaluation message: The report server configuration is not complete or is invalid.

Below is what is also shown in the pop-up message.(08) 2015-09-18 Slp: Initializing rule : Valid DSN (08) 2015-09-18 Slp: Rule is will be executed : True (08) 2015-09-18 Slp: Init rule target object: Microsoft. Use Reporting Services Configuration Manager to verify the report server configuration. Dsn Upgrade Blockers (08) 2015-09-18 RS: Error validating the dsn: No DSN server name found.

Basically the difference between domain and work group mode is not defined by the value of the registry flag "workgroup" mentioned by @engin.You may find details on how to do it here: runs under the (less privileged) Network Service account instead of (all powerful) Local System account starting from version 4.0 (Vista/Server 2008) So to answer @mkus question more directly to "set" domain mode you just install MSMQ on domain controller and make sure that proper permissions in place for Network Service account.Once this is done you well see it operating in domain mode with workgroup flag switched to 0 automatically to reflect this.I was able to upgrade to next version without above error: Have you even seen such upgrade blockers?Reference: Pinal Dave ( Dave is a SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert and an independent consultant.

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