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When Fuller turned 16 years old, he made the decision to become a model.

There may have been ulterior motives for his decision.

okay well drew seeley is not dating Amy parret that's his best friend not girlfriend and if you put he is dating don't because he just focuse on singing and acting and just because on another Cinderella story it looks likselena Gomez and drew seeley were dating but there not but should date.

" to find out; but if you don't specify which Drew, we cannot answer this question successfully.

There’s no doubt that become a model would help him attract the girls in his high school.

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He was hired by big prestigious companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Club Med and Prada.Drew Fuller (full name Andrew Alan Drew Fuller) is an American actor and a former male model.He is most known for his portrayal of a character named Chris Hallowell in the WB television series called Charmed.Fuller was born on 1980 in Newpower Beach, California.Growing up on the sunny beaches of California gave Drew a head start in a path to Hollywood.

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