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In other words, things are going fine between us, but I have two concerns about our relationship.

So what we have here is your typical long distance relationship, or LDR for you acronym junkies out there (you know who you are).

This girl is straining at the leash like a hungry Doberman -- she's completely gone over you and can't wait to get back to you.

For example, in the latest article, a guy named Kieth chimes in: Kieth writes: Hey Doc, My problem is a little unusual. I was dating Samantha for about seven months before she had to go out of state to attend the best university business program in the country.

(She was accepted before she even met me.) She said that if she'd met me beforehand, she would have accepted another offer she got that was closer to home, but as it is, she's going to be gone for a little over a year.

And since you're deeply in love with her, it makes sense to take that step. (But make sure that she understands that she still has to be a nice girl when she's away at school, otherwise there will be no engagement. ) Don't worry about keeping her Interest Level up, pal.

You've already pumped it into the stratosphere like a helium balloon -- she's going crazy for you right now!

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