Debby ryan dating niall horan

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22, when Josh dropped down to one knee in a very romantic way. "Well technically I said 'NO WAY' twice but I meant yes."Josh made the occasion extra special by flying in their family as a surprise."I found a tree house in the woods in New Zealand and proposed to my girl," he wrote on Instagram. I love you Debby." Former Disney Channel star, Debby, quickly accepted her now-fiancé's offer, which came along with quite the sizable diamond ring. "He flew my brother and sis-in-law to surprise me at our engagement dinner," Debby shared on Instagram.When we were getting research for the show and creating the characters I'd tweet, 'How are you today?' Based on what people wrote in those 180 characters, like, 'I failed my test', 'This girl I like at school isn't talking to me', whatever it is, I would create things around these answers., about an idealistic teenager who moves from rural Texas to New York City and ends up working as a nanny for a high-profile couple with four adorable kids.

Jessie grew up in a military family, she'll have some military vibes.

They ask my opinion on references, how I would phrase something and I'd say, 'I wouldn't say this word but I'd probably say this or this expression'.

They totally write it in." There seems to be an expectation that female Disney stars will gain fame on a TV show and automatically go on to release an album.

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