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The backdating scheme involved moving an effective date for the exercise of stock options from when the options were 'out of the money' to a date that made the options 'in the money' in order to allow certain executives to exercise their options profitably.

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The rest of the cells members were sentenced to 5 years of probation each.

Looking backward, I'll ruminate a little about how we got here, and finally, at the risk of appearing to be or worse, actually being the secular equivalent of a sanctimonious twit, offer some thoughts looking forward on lessons we might take away from all of this.

I have reached the point in life where I view the world through ridiculously expensive progressive lenses, but I guarantee you these lenses are not rose-colored.

The scammers scoured Internet to locate images of nice-looking females to pose as single Russian ladies.

The scammers testified that they did not personally know the ladies whose names they used during the correspondence.

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