Dating romance tip

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-- Does this person seem to rely on alcohol or drugs?An active addict (one who is still using) will ALWAYS put the addiction ahead of everything else.Read these 10 Dating and Romance Tips tips to make your life smarter, better, faster and wiser.Each tip is approved by our Editors and created by expert writers so great we call them Gurus.

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Use this time to as questions and learn about your partner's attitudes.

Life Tips is the place to go when you need to know about Relationship tips and hundreds of other topics. Many people make the mistake of giving away their hearts too easily, without understanding more about their partners.

-- Movie or TV dates don't offer you a chance to learn that much about the other person because you're spending time watching the show.

-- After a few dates, slowly introduce your partner to the people who are important in your life. Be wary of someone who wants to cut you off from your friends or family. It's not flowers, silk sheets, or expensive proposals with the entire Disney cast in attendance.

The real romantic idea is one that comes from noticing and appreciating your partner.

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