Dating kindred spirits

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I did not know the times you are on Kindred Spirits. The best thing about your show is that you don’t stumble around in pitch black, trying to find your way/see things on a tiny video screen.

Your show is one of the few shows that helps homeowners to better understand why things that “go bump in the night” is not always bad. We have been watching you two from the beginning and love how you both work at getting things resolved. Paranormal enthusiasts, Patrice and Christian Fascinating Show!!!! I am so happy I happened upon this blog while searching the web, trying to find out if Kindred Spirits was coming back with new episodes.

We’ve definitely been picking up new viewers as I hear week in and week out how people had never seen our show until it started airing on Travel. We are fairly positive that Adam and I will return in some way shape or form to your televisions.

We have an amazing group of folks pulling for us at Travel Channel and a really sweet fan base constantly rooting for us.

Little shows like ours were left in limbo as everyone waited to see where the dust would settle.

The dust has now settled and we are so fortunate to be working with the same people at the networks we always have, but they’ve moved to Travel Channel – and so have we!

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