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It was one of the most famous water stops in the Middle East, where camel caravan routes linked distant cities.Now archaeologists are discovering the Nabataean capital, situated in the southwestern deserts of Jordan, once was adorned with an exquisite, artificially irrigated garden.The archaeologists have also found underground channels that helped control runoff during the rainy season, revealing the true complexity of the system for the first time.The intricate system of channels, ceramic pipelines, underground cisterns and water tanks, which also filtered the water, allowed the people of Petra to cultivate crops, harvest fruit, produce wine and olive oil as well as build a lavish garden with a monumental open air pool in the middle of the desert.Hasmonean tastes for luxury The monumental swimming pool, a monster even wider than today's standard Olympic pools, was built around the 1st century BCE.

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But the exorbitant prices that spices and perfumes could fetch in the prosperous cities of Europe kept the caravans coming, filling up the treasuries of Petra.The Paradise of Petra The gardens were practically a miracle.Petra only gets 10 to 15 centimeters of rain a year (now in the era of climate change, it may get even less). Without developing techniques to to channel, purify and even pressurize and store water, Petra could not have existed.Slaking the camels' thirst, for a charge Many cities of the ancient world straddled rivers, whose abundant water nourished and protected them.But Petra, situated on the northwest border of the Arabian Desert, rose to prominence because of the lack of water.

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