Dating in regency england mark phillapousis dating

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However, despite the bloodshed and warfare, the Regency was also a period of great refinement and cultural achievement, which shaped and altered the societal structure of Britain as a whole.One of the greatest patrons of the arts and architecture was the Prince Regent himself (the future George IV).This era encompassed a time of great social, political, and economic change.War was waged with Napoleon and on other fronts, affecting commerce both at home and internationally, as well as politics.

The influence of the emerging industrial revolution had attracted attention to crime in rapidly growing cities. Riot in Stanhope, County Durham between lead miners and the Bishop of Durham's men over Weardale game rights. The House of Lords passed a bill to grant George IV a divorce from Queen Caroline, but because of public pressure the bill was dropped.

Naturally, this required dipping into the treasury, and the Regent, and later, the King's exuberance often outstripped his pocket, at the people's expense.

Society during that period was considerably stratified.

Upper class society flourished in a sort of mini-Renaissance of culture and refinement.

As one of the greatest patrons of the arts, the Prince Regent ordered the costly building and refurbishing of the beautiful and exotic Brighton Pavilion, the ornate Carlton House, as well as many other public works and architecture (see John Nash, James Burton, and Decimus Burton).

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