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it is among the highest quality consumer items ever made in the USA. It's varied a little over the months, but has never been more than ±15 seconds different from WWV.Its regulator is adjusted not with a simple "F - S" lever, but with a zero-backlash (spring loaded) micrometer screw that adjusts the regulator far more precisely.I've also seen (and purchased) military branch-specific dials.I don't think they were issued for general use but may have been options for personnel in military exchanges and PX's.Hamilton also made "bomb timers" that used the 14/0 980 movement in a special case with a hack function.These timers were installed in planes and were used by bombardiers to synchronize bombing runs and effectively hammer their targets.The Hamilton 992 and 992B may be the most popular railroad watches ever made. Hamilton sold the same movement with your choice of many different cases and many different hands and faces.

Parkerization is a special coating often used in guns as an alternative to bluing.

Some collectors have converted these cases to accommodate a strap although they're technically not wrist watches.

Military personnel also were issued time pieces when they went "into harms way".

This watch has a special hour wheel behind the dial so the hour hand moves half as fast and normal - making the dial an 24 hour dial... The latter has an extra wheel on the back and a pinion to drive the central sweep second hand.

There's a jeweled bridge to hold the second hand shaft and that's the 22nd jewel that makes the 4992B different. If you've got a really good eye for details you'll note the 4992B is missing the mainspring wheel screw...

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