Dating for introverts

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It’s a huge struggle for you to even show up at the party, let alone be comfortable around other people.However, next time you get invited to a party, don’t clam up at a corner and seek out the nearest snack table.The first date is usually hard enough, especially if you’re an introvert.To begin with, you don’t do well around new people, and now you’re supposed to go out on a date with this new person who makes your heart beat race, and you blush uncontrollably. Dating is hard for everyone, but if you have social anxiety or just like to keep to yourself, it’s even tougher. How do you react to random people on the streets who try to start random conversations with you?

But the part of my routine that felt actually soothing was having a record on while I got ready and repeating one or seven positive affirmations.And while there’s definitely a fair argument to be made against googling your date, especially if you’ve only been communicating through an app and can thus only build a perceived understanding of who they are from what you find, I think moderation is key.Because if the two of you have mutual friends, and you to be able to see their Facebook profile, it couldn’t hurt to do some light brushing up, right? Having a routine is helpful for psyching yourself up for a date when the nerves start kicking in.And, steer away from the basics that may just get you one-word responses. ” try “What’s your favorite vacation from childhood?” Or make some other tweak on a basic question that’ll still yield you an informative answer about the other person’s background while keeping them talking for a least a few beats.

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