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I have a Korean made Squier (S9 serial number so early Samick factory model).I just picked up a used, slightly beat up (not bad) Classic Vibe Strat in Olympic White with the Gold Anodized pickguard.In 1982, the Squier brand was reactivated by Fenderto become its brand for lower..Fender Squier Classic Vibe 50's Telecaster, Maple Neck Vintage.For instance, many of the MIJ/CIJ Telecasters have the serial number on the bridge and they start with an "A".

Squier''' is a second-line brand of the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Squier Guitars & Basses by Fender: Stop dreaming, start playing! CGS(XXX) should be the build date but these numbers don't appear to.

Mid–1997 the CIJ logo was the only one used on Fender guitars coming out of Japan (with exception the Squire series). I really don’t know, but the MIJ logo Fenders were for the USA market.

USA Fender wanted to stop the import of these guitars to the USA due to firing up their Mexican plant and due to the “too good” quality Japan was creating which competed with the USA models.

As you look at these serial numbers, please note that the same “letter-prefix” on the serial numbers are used for two different sets of dates. AND now Japan as started making the MADE IN JAPAN guitars again and using old serial numbers.

The first being the “Made in Japan” date and the second is the “Crafted in Japan” date. In another 5 years there is going to be sooo much confusion, it will not be funny!

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