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Lucahjin specializes in Let's Plays by using special toilet humor in awkward moments of gaming. " as her catch phrase in every Let's Play she has made.She's well known for her first date jokes, her voice acting towards different characters, as well as saying "Sir!Ticking along throughout your voyage is a Corruption metre, which imposes a variable time limit on your journey.Allow it to fill before you've found your way to the bottom of the labyrinth, and you'll trigger one of three endings.

She done multiple charity livestreams, including a 24 hour charity stream from February 15-16 named Project Red Sun to raise money for The American Diabetes Association.

The timer feature sounds sadistic - it jumps forward a couple of percentage points whenever you perish - but is pretty gentle by the standards of video game Doomsday Clocks.

It pauses during dialogue or when reading menus, and on Normal difficulty, I had no trouble reaching the final boss (with time for the odd detour in search of a secret room and a new mantra) before the Corruption swallowed me.

And then you find something - a person, a precipice, a peculiar tangle of light - and the water closes overhead. These memories, written in first or second-person, are only loosely tethered to characters and don't fit neatly into a plot; all have some basis in the Roman Catholic upbringing and emotional travails of the game's creator, Colin Horgan.

Solidity blinks out, and you are tossed on the flow with a host of memories, bursting open before you in bald white type. Lucah's status as memoir and "mood piece" operates like acid on what it borrows from both Christian scripture and games like Bayonetta.

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