Dating bipolar woman tyra banks dating photographer asla

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The tricky part comes up when neither you nor your spouse knows bipolar disorder may be behind the tension and trouble between the two of you.Often the individual doesn’t even know she has bipolar disorder.People can go years and even decades without a diagnosis or treatment. If your spouse has experienced debilitating periods of sadness, followed by periods of high excitement and activity, he or she may have bipolar disorder.Below, you’ll find a list of typical behaviors exhibited by those with bipolar disorder.They may be affectionate and loving sometimes and then cold and distant at other times.

Irritability: People with bipolar disorder and even those with depression can experience uncontrollable irritability.A portion of the bipolar population becomes “controlling.” This at first can show up as a talkative and outgoing, but soon suggestions and discussions become manipulative.Examples of controlling statements include: These habits can be so ingrained that they are difficult to change without professional help.A spouse often serves as an outlet for their overwhelming anger, but so can children, other drivers and other family members.Grandiosity: The imbalance of chemicals in the brain can cause those with bipolar disorder to have an inflated images of themselves.

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