Dating and texting

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While I’m all for spontaneity, if you notice that there are too many last-minute requests for hanging out and you’re uncomfortable with that, then kindly decline with a request to meet up again for a future date.It may be something like, “I’d totally love to get together with you.So, there may be some texting etiquette to keep in mind before the romance can fully bloom and/or not die on the vine.Hopefully, like so many dating singles and couples I have worked with, these tips can help guide you while dating and texting.

Try not to take it too personally because it is a poor reflection of them, NOT YOU.

Whatever the case, if there is a discrepancy in the level with texting that you are uncomfortable with, have a straight conversation about it. Just simply check in about their texting preference.

Maybe they simply aren’t big on texting and maybe they are just not that into you.

But it’s important to not beat yourself up – it’s them, not you that messed up here.

Have confidence that they are missing out on something special – you.

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