Dating after separation soon

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I don't know what I'm doing exactly, maybe that is part of the problem.

Basically I felt some kind of chemistry with him, and that doesn't happen that often for me, and I just thought it would be fun to get to know him better.

Some people will be scared off, and some people won't. Then they tried reconciling for a few months starting around this same time 2015.

That wasn't my primary motivator for finally divorcing, but the joy and freedom was intoxicating and I had a really excellent summer. After three months of a really lovely FWB, for whom I will be always grateful, I am now ending that and carefully and more slowly stepping into more thoughtful dating. Having sex again and feeling wanted and desired is good too.

Learn to be comfortable being single so you don't inadvertently end up in another wrong relationship to keep the loneliness at bay. Divorce is terrible and stressful but good can come from the fresh start with time. I started dating before my divorce was final and while it was an issue for some, most guys seem to accept my "The divorce was a long time coming" explanation.

It also helped that my ex had moved out of state and our divorce was 100% drama free.

I do feel like I lost myself in my marriage and I don't even know who I am. I don't want to jump into something just to fill a void. Actually I am thinking more of a FWB type of situation would work for me.

But I also think I have more of an anxious attachment style so I don't know that I can really make that work until I resolve the attachment stuff.

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