Creative ideas for updating closet doors

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Replace the doors completely with a high curtain rod and awesome fabric!!!

And for a Kid’s room – how about Chalkboard Doors??

You can achieve this look with some paint stripper and muriatic acid.

I had a reader ask about updating her old closet doors….

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Once I took out the old molding, I had to put in a “filler piece” to lower the top of the doorframe to be level with the door molding at the top.

(All the ones I’ve used I can adjust with a coin while they’re installed in the door.) 8. Now you can paint the doors a nicer color than the default primer.

Then install a piece of wood across the back of the closet opening to keep the doors from being pushed inwards. In our experience, the doors will suck up the paint even if they’re pre-primed, so plan on a couple of coats. Mark the location of and install your dummy doorknobs so they’ll hang evenly once you’ve got your doors hung and balanced the way you like them.

In my daughter’s bedroom, we have a set of sliding mirrored closet doors. I’ve been wanting to do something with them for a while now.

I want to keep the mirrors, because those are the most used mirrors in the house. While seaching the web for inspiration, I found plenty.

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