Big red flags dating

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There is no place for physical control or violence in a relationship!

It is a major red flag that needs swift action like ending the relationship! Yes, but you would need strong evidence that it has been thoroughly dealt with spiritually, emotionally, and with a significant time of violence-free living.

There may be issues about unforgiveness in the person’s life. Metaphorically, the clenched fist feels a whole lot safer than the more vulnerable open palm. ” There are a lot of legitimate reasons people may struggle with anger, but marrying into it is like walking into a hornet’s nest.

It can also relate to the frequency and intensity of how anger is expressed. Men tend to have a tougher challenge facing their anger.

I’m talking primarily about frozen anger — resentment.

When we hold on to anger and don’t address it, bad things often happen.

Does your friend follow through on commitments and plans?

We started to lose some friendships, but was always friend's fault.

There may be a legitimate explanation for one’s actions, but those actions still need to be lived with if two marry.

And if the behavior persists you have to decide if you can deal with that for a lifetime.

Also don't let anyone else tell you it's your fault the person is making these threats or you're a bad person for not caring for them.

Don't be an ass about it, don't freak out, just maintain the clear separation of your actions and theirs.

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