Autistics guide to dating

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As I mulled over the perceptible shift in our time together, brought on by the supposedly romantic presence of a small wooden bridge, I made my choice.I did not want to give any romantic overtones a chance, so I laughed and kept walking.“We can still be friends,” he said.A rule-obsessed, serious child, I told a grown-up that he was bothering me because I felt rather harassed.“He was so mortified,” said my mom. Inaccurately reading body language is a deficit when dating.I took a face-reading test — basically, you look at a series of photographs of eyes and choose the multiple-choice answer that corresponds with what the eyes emote.This is the true story of…the day me and Philip the bad Parted (secretly). ’ I went out, crying.”“Philip the Bad” wasn’t my friend, much less a grade-school love. I do my best to tread them, and I think I have the important parts down pat, like how to love people and be kind to them, but the subtleties of body language, the knowledge of appropriate responses, and the idea of being in touch with my feelings escapes me. He Yelled an ear-deafing Yell and said to me ‘NEVER STEP ON THE MASTER’S FOOT!

When I was fourteen I journaled about Internet communications with a crush: He started IMing with me! Flirting is a social game with ambiguous rules.“My soldier,” she said, planting a kiss — impulsive or planned? One evening, as I was leaving, I couldn’t figure out the lock on the way out of her apartment so I looked at her and boldly said, “I guess I am staying tonight.” But then the moment was gone, one breath, breathe in, breathe out, the next.

But if I don’t understand people from the social perspective, then I can analyze them intellectually.

I categorize people in relation to me, sometimes in highly questionable ways — for instance, I notice that my bullies somehow made it into the “friendly acquaintance” or “friend” lists of my teen years.

In middle school, I came up with seven qualities that would be required in a romantic match and committed them to heart.

In high school, I used graph paper to chart the people I knew: Were they “friendly acquaintances,” “friends,” or “close friends?

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